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12:50 AM

I don't know where to share my feelings.. I just have ue dear Mr Blog.. Kindly stay with me until my last breath okey.. Promise ~ haha.. It's hard when only ue in workhard mood but the other are not.. Kan..? Everytime it happens,I'll always ask myself to be stronger than yesterday.. But I realize, strong is not only the word to keep me calm.. For that I'm still searching the other words.. Not easy rite.. Ckp semua org blh ckp,tpi org yg face the problem jew how hard it is.. Thank ue Allah for choosing me to be the one so that I can be a better person for You,family,friends etc... Hee... Tuah jrang2 skali menjenguk kita.. And I myself da tolak some of it... Yup ~ there not gonna be mine again... Yes... I am learning to accept that.. Yeah ~ semua yg brlaku ada hikmah dia and maybe ada something better for me is coming... Who knows... I'm waiting.. :-) I know the quote, "leave the past or let bygone be bygone" and I should make it as a guideline to move forward... But in real life,it's a damn hard to be followed.. I should try.. Please doa for me to be a better person and forget the pass.. InsyaAllah :-*

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